Biofertilizers (N, P, K)

Culture of beneficial microorganisms responsible for atmospheric nitrogen fixation , phosphate solubilizing, and potash mobilizing ; strains are highly rhizosphere competent for wide range of climate, soils and crops i.e. cereals, sugarcane ,pulses, horticultural, vegetables and flowers. Carrier used is lignite powder, high CFU value with enough shelf life. The biofertilizers is helpful for reducing the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers drastically it will also save the national capital in the form of subsidy granted for the chemical fertilizers.
Atmospheric Nitrogen fixing microorganisms fixes elemental nitrogen by the way of aerobic, anaerobic, symbiotically and a-symbiotically. Crop (pulses, cereals, sugarcane & potato) specific nitrogen fixing microorganisms, compatible for all type of soil & climate.
Phosphate solubilising microorganism, solubilises fixed tri-calcium phosphate from the soil by the production of high quality organic acid that facilitates the readily available phosphate to the plants.
Potash mobilizing microorganism is responsible for the movement of potash elements in the soil and plants for easily transportation of others nutrient for improvements of health and vigor of the plant.
New - Vasudha N, P, K (Biofertilizers) also available in liquid with high CFU value & extended shelf life, useful in drip & foliar application. 
Mycorrhizal Biofertilizer.