News Releases

Distributor Conference held in Katra (Jammu)
Distributor conference was held in Katra (Jammu) between 10-12 April. The distributors were apprised of the sales achieved, growth attained and regional progress accomplished over the past year.

40% growth in sales for the FY 2011-12
Dayal witnessed a 40% growth in sales for the FY 2011-12. The highest growth was registered in the animal feed division, which grew by 90%.

Distributor conference was held in Haridwar
Distributor conference was held in Haridwar (Uttarakhand) between 11-13 March and in Varanasi (UP) between 4-5 May 2013. The distributors were apprised of the sales achieved, growth attained and regional progress accomplished over the past year.

Annual Conference held in Meerut
A two day annual function was organized in Meerut between 6-7 April. Experiences on sales achieved, best practices undertaken, challenges faced and progress attained for different regions over the past year were shared.

Extension Services

With the mission of putting a smile on every farmers face, we constantly engage with the farmers and are committed to promote socio-economic growth of the farmers community. Our network scales to more than 550 distributors and 10,000 dealers in India and neighboring countries.

Dayal Bandhu Kendras (DBKs)

Key retailers/ distributors (selling high quality products, having good networking with farmers/relationship with Dayal etc.) are selected & their outlet is established as an exclusive Dayal retail outlet (DBK) for 3 years, where all quality Dayal products are available to the farmers. After the outlet is painted and product boards are displayed, farmers meeting (DBK opening gosthi) is organised at the shop to disseminate knowledge about agriculture practices and Dayal products.

Dayal Krishi Bazaars (DKBs)

Distributors / Retailers enter into a three year agreement with Dayal to set up exclusive Dayal retail malls (DKBs), selling high quality Dayal products at fixed prices. Regional staff is provided for extension & promotion activities.

Dayal Farmers Forums (DFFs)

Progressive farmers (adopting new agriculture technology, sharing their experiences about good practices or result of products among neighbour farmers etc.) are selected & key information about them is collected (e.g. name, address, mobile number, crops grown, land holdings, livestock etc.). Field staff regularly interacts with these farmers personally/ telephonically to provide information on new products (in different crops at different crop stages) and to conduct other extension/ promotion activities.


    Krishi Bulletin Quarterly magazine including news related to crop cultivation technology, animal disease management, new crops etc.

    Krishak Guide Includes detailed introduction to Dayal products including their usage, quantity, packing, benefits etc.

    Progress Reports (Pragati) Publishes the scientific activities conducted by the company & learnings from the management/team members


    SMS Regular SMSs are sent to members of DFFs on Dayal products. The mobile number of the field staff member is also messaged to address any other query.

    E-Marketing Database of various agri-related institutions is collected and emails promoting Dayal products are sent.


    Krishi Mela Display & information dissemination of Dayal products in melas organized by different agri-institutions (e.g. KVKs, Universities, Departments etc.)

    Anmol Sathi 2 farmers are associated with a DBK to promote Dayal products.

    Other activities include spreading awareness through mobile vans& mass campaigning with flags


    To increase awareness about Dayal products among farmers & to motivate dealers, ~ 150 farmers are invited on the inauguration of a DBK/DKB or any other seasonal meeting. Dayal field staff provides technical information on seasonal crops, usage of Dayal products for better crop production etc. Field day is also organized to display positive results of Dayal products.